Business Licenses

The Arab Code of Ordinances requires each business person or firm located inside the city limits or the police jurisdiction to purchase a business license from the office of the City Clerk. This includes those soliciting business or conducting business inside the city limits or police jurisdiction, but with their actual place of business located elsewhere. RDS currently collects all Business License fees for the City of Arab. A business license must be acquired prior to opening a new business, and must be renewed annually for existing businesses. At the end of each calendar year RDS will send out renewal notices for the following year to existing businesses. Renewal forms, along with an appropriate fee, are returned to RDS. A new license is then mailed to the applicant.

License Calendar

**Fee payment includes 15% delinquent penalty. Penalty percentages increase for each month a license is delinquent.

To apply for a business license, Contact:

Revenue Discovery Systems / RDS

Alcoholic Beverage Licenses

City of Arab Ordinance No. 2006-8, regulates the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages in the City of Arab, and provides procedures for obtaining licenses. Due to the regulatory nature of the sale of alcoholic beverages, there are additional requirements for the issuance of a license. A meeting must be scheduled with the City Clerk to review the alcohol license application prior to it being submitted for consideration. Contact the City Clerk's office at (256) 586-3544.

Miscellaneous Information

License fees are charged based on the type of business being licensed. While some fees are charged on a flat rate, most fees are figured on a sliding scale based on the previous year's revenue for the subject business. New businesses subject to the sliding scale usually pay the minimum fee.

Businesses whose place of business is located in the city's police jurisdiction are subject to a license fee equal to one-half that charged to city located businesses.

With a few exceptions, new businesses applying for a license after July 1 are subject to a license fee equal to one-half of the normal base rate.

Rates for each type of business are available by contacting RDS at (800)-556-7274 or on-line at RDS Online.